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The rate of interest on home loans

The rate of interest on home loans is a crucial factor for borrowers, as it directly influences the cost of borrowing and the overall affordability of the home. Here are some key reasons why the rate of interest is important

Home loan eligibility for Rs.3L per month take home salary

Lenders typically consider the following factors when determining home loan eligibility: Income: Banks generally consider your gross monthly income. The loan amount eligibility is a multiple of your monthly income, typically ranging from 1.5 to 2 times your annual income.

Home loan eligibility 

Home loan eligibility depends on various factors, and different financial institutions may have slightly different criteria. However, some common factors that influence home loan eligibility in India include: Income: Lenders typically assess your income to determine your repayment capacity. A

Benefits of getting assistance from a funding consultant

Getting assistance from a funding consultant before getting a home loan can be beneficial for several reasons. Here are some advantages of seeking advice from a funding consultant: Expertise and Knowledge: Funding consultants are usually well-versed in the intricacies of

What to look for in a #HomeLoan? Is it the Interest Rate?

What to look for in a #HomeLoan? Is it the Interest Rate? Yes, the first thing which comes to anyone’s mind is the Interest Rate. “I want the lowest Rate of Interest for my home loan” is the first statement

Benefits of a Gold Loan

Gold is an asset which every household has as an Investment, as part of their savings, as a security and in case of a need it is a savior, since one can pledge it to avail the funds for emergencies.

Why do I love what I do? Leading Debt funding educator and consultant

Why do I love what I do? A stressed-out businessman was dissatisfied. The owner of a company that made more than Rs 20 crore per year couldn’t focus on his work since he owed more than Rs 2 crore in

Reduce the interest rate and boast a balance sheet

I work with the Banks and Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) as a partner to make it easier for people to get Loans. I make sense of the legalese and deal with the boring paperwork. I give tips and advice

Choosing the apt Loan product

The Indian banking system consists of 12 public sector banks, 22 private sector banks, 44 foreign banks, 56 regional rural banks, 1,485 urban cooperative banks, and 96,000 rural cooperative banks in addition to cooperative credit institutions There are about 34

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