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Why do I love what I do?

A stressed-out businessman was dissatisfied.

The owner of a company that made more than Rs 20 crore per year couldn’t focus on his work since he owed more than Rs 2 crore in loans. His monthly debt payments are Rs 350,000.

He was worried about getting out of debt.

I’ve worked in banking for 15 years, so I checked his debt-to-income ratio and eligibility, understood his circumstances, and gave him a detailed plan. I implemented the plan.

As I implemented plan elements, my customer realized how he could become debt-free or debt-efficient.

He started using the strategy and working with me to consolidate his loans, reducing his monthly payment to Rs 200,000.

My client was relieved.

He informed me he felt a great weight lifted off his shoulders and could enjoy life knowing a plan was in place with an extra Rs 150,000 cash flow each month. We stayed together for the business loans to expand the assets to pump in extra cash flow.

I felt so thrilled and received a new purpose: to teach business owners about debt management and be their reputable source for raising loan funding. I devote time, effort, and money to get credit management credentials so I may help my client create assets through debt finance.

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